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VLOOKUP Spreadsheet Function Beginner to Advanced

VLOOKUP Spreadsheet Function Beginner to Advanced

VLOOKUP is one of the most important spreadsheet functions because everyone needs to look stuff up. If you want to get a job working with data, you really ought to know VLOOKUP. This workshop is for beginners who want to become power users of VLOOKUP.


Using examples, you will learn additional features in Excel that work in conjunction with VLOOKUP. Among the additional topics covered are:


  • Precedence (nesting)
  • Formula arguments
  • Formula error detection and handling
  • Calculations on VLOOKUP results
  • Use list boxes and data validation lists for VLOOKUP input
  • Precision in relative and absolute references in VLOOKUP formulas
  • Return complete or partial records from a table using VLOOOKUP
  • Using named ranges in VLOOKUP formulas
  • Using helper columns and rows
  • Using exact and approximate matching in VLOOKUP
  • Using VLOOKUP with arrays and array formulas
  • Using MATCH, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, CHOOSE and TRIM worksheet formulas to clean up data within VLOOKUP
  • Perform multi-column VLOOKUP
  • Multi-Table VLOOKUP

This workshop is challenging. Be prepared to cover a lot of ground.

All examples in this workshop work with Excel 2016 for Mac and PC.
Microsoft Office is free for UB students, faculty and staff and can be obtained from this site:

Most examples iin this workshop work with Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel on line, LibreOIffice, and Excel apps for Surface, iPad and Android, and LibreOffice. If you prefer one of these products, you will probably be OK with it in this workshop, but some examples won't work. Use one of these products if you want to give yourself an extra challenge.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
9:00am - 12:00pm
B2C Abbott
South Campus
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Event Organizer

James Gordon

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