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Excel: Cleaning data for Analysis

Excel: Cleaning data for Analysis

Learn how to make structured data tables. We'll examine how to "clean" or "normalize" typical data sets having common problems. Our goal is to help you go from novice to proficient on the topics covered.

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Monday, January 6, 2020
9:00am - 3:00pm
310 Silverman Library
North Campus
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Using Microsoft Excel, we will normalize real world data sets. You are invited to bring your own data sets to work on. After this workshop you will be familiar with:


  • STRUCTURED, normalized data
  • RECOGNIZING PATTERNS within your data
  • TEXT TO COLUMNS using delimiters to separate data in a single column into multiple columns
  • COPYRIGHT and how it applies to data
  • METADATA ways to display properly in structured tables
  • GET DATA FROM THE WEB into Microsoft Excel
  • UNANLYZING data so you can do your own analysis
  • FIXING HEADERS and column names
  • PREPARING A MAILING LIST from a web source
  • TRIM will be used to eliminate unwanted spaces
  • TEXT IMPORT WIZARD will parse data delivered as CSV
  • FILL DOWN shortcut
  • TRANSPOSE to convert columnar data into row data
  • RECORD your first MACRO
  • EDIT YOUR MACRO in the built-in Visual Basic Editor (beginner level only here)
  • FLASH FILL uses artificial intelligence to clean and parse data
  • ADVANCED FIND AND REPLACE will get rid of extraneous characters
  • ZIP Codes with missing leading zeros will be fixed
  • REMOVE DUPLICATE rows quickly and easily
  • DATE and TIME calculations will be explained



Workshops are offered at no charge to UB faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Please remember to bring your own device to the workshop. The classroom does not have workstations.

Attendees are encouraged to update Microsoft Office prior to attending.

To get a free Microsoft Office 365 subscription for current faculty, staff or student privately owned devices click here.

Co-sponsored by The Graduate School.

Faculty attendee comment: "...reaffirmed my faith in my own skills and understanding."

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