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Excel: VLOOKUP data formula

Excel: VLOOKUP data formula

VLOOKUP is the formula most often used to return data from structured data tables. Whether you want the value of a single cell, data from certain columns, or an entire row, VLOOKUP will get the result set that meets your specifications.

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Monday, January 13, 2020
9:00am - 3:00pm
310 Silverman Library
North Campus
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Using Microsoft Excel, we will use VLOOKUP cell formula to return data from a table to cells. You are invited to bring your own data sets to work on. After this workshop you will be familiar with:

  • More ways to normalize data
  • Nested formulas
  • Precedence in formulas
  • Structured data tables
  • IFERROR how to use this function
  • Data validation using lists
  • Using named ranges
  • Using VLOOKUP in calculations
  • Relative and absolute cell references
  • Absolute and approximate VLOOKUP
  • COLUMNS and ROWS worksheet functions
  • MATCH worksheet function
  • Using MATCH inside VLOOKUP
  • VLOOKUP with non-unique data
  • VLOOKUP with partial values
  • MID, RIGHT, LEFT, and TRIM worksheet functions
  • Introduction to array formulas
  • VLOOKUP on 3 tables simultaneously
  • XLOOKUP a sneak peek of the new formula that will replace VLOOKUP



Workshops are offered at no charge to UB faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Please remember to bring your own device to the workshop. The classroom does not have workstations.

Attendees are encouraged to update Microsoft Office prior to attending.

To get a free Microsoft Office 365 subscription for current faculty, staff or student privately owned devices click here.

Co-sponsored by The Graduate School.

Econometrics grad student comment on most valuable aspect of this workshop:
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